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Yo, Ricardo! Thanks for the call! It's people like you who make me love ebay and want to kiss it and hug it. I am very excited to get my phone in the mail. So, thanks for rocking, Ricardo.

Over heard on Montague today: "I'm a writer! I have a blog!" This makes me question very much what I am doing here.

Here's something about New York that I do not understand and which bothers me. Police officers and ambulance drivers won't just turn the dern siren on, they sort of rev the siren like an intimidated driver unsure of how the car drives, so it sounds like the poor thing is whining. Instead of weeoweeoweeoweeo like most sirens (don't laugh, that's what they sound like, and you know it) they go wheeeeeeooooo weeooooweeeeeeeeeeeeoooooo, sometimes going into the higher registers of the siren, most times staying down low, but always really very annoying. I don't get it. How is that intimidating? And it's not like they're saving our eardrums by only half-assing the siren. Their whiny sirens are just as loud. The Husband postulates that maybe the cops and ambulance drivers don't want to cause alarm; like they aren't really chasing bad guys or driving someone to the hospital, they just want you to get out of the way. And I'm saying, DON'T THEY HAVE HORNS? Today we were in the Duane Reade under our building and an ambulance drove by sounding that STUPID siren, and I said "Don't cry, Ambulance," making that the fourth "You've Got Mail" quote of the day. (Okay, so Tom Hanks doesn't really call Meg Ryan Ambulance, he calls her Shopgirl, but still. You'd be impressed, and then quickly annoyed, at how many times we can quote that movie in one day, truly it's an anomoly AND NOW FOR SOMETHING TOTALLY DIFFERENT

Today the horror of the situation in New Orleans hit me when I read an article on about the animals in New Orleans that have been displaced and abandoned because rescue teams won't take them aboard on their rescue missions. Of course, I recognize the value of the human life being higher than that of a dog, but I have a very soft spot in my heart for animals, dogs especially. Before we moved to New York I started a pet service company called Good Dog and have known some incredible pets in my life. To think that our loved ones are being left behind and separated from their families arbitrarily is awful. I think of my parents' dog Monty and what a huge part of the family he is and I can't imagine leaving him behind to certain death. I know how horrible it must feel for those families who had no other choice. There was a story today of a dog who swam for 4 hours straight until the waters receded, and it broke my heart. So today I donated to the American Kennel Club rescue efforts, and you all should, too. I donated it in the name of Mattie, a sweet little puppy who died last year, hoping that by taking care of other helpless creatures, maybe I can make up for letting her down so badly.

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