H - 2006-07-19 10:45:12
I've only just started reading your journal/blog/whatever the kids are calling nower days and have found it SO nice to read about someone else moving and not being 100% happy about it. My fiance and I just moved (well, 6 months ago now, but it still feels like "just") to North Carolina from Minnesota. I'm still getting used to things here and the adjustment hasn't been easy, but I feel like there is a huge pressure to pretend everything is ok. So it's comforting to read about someone else my age going through similar changes (marriage, getting a dog, moving - ugh. the MOVING)and admitting that it isn't all sunshine and roses. And, of course, you write about it all so well!
C - 2006-07-19 17:05:16
Damn. I want to say something else woman but just damn seems appropriate.

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