Morgan - 2006-07-28 21:22:50
How old is your pup now? When Damien hit about 1 and a half and we had moved to San Francisco, he started flipping out and chewing everything in sight (overall, about $2000 worth of damage...I posted a few ads on Craigslist to try to give him away to a nice home). Anyway, I researched instead and got some unsolicited advice about how these are the hardest years, the terrible twos, if you will. Stick it out, in a year or two he'll be back to his cuddly self and he'll be loving spending time at home alone rearranging the house (Damien doesn't chew anymore, he just decides that the pillows look better on the floor where he can lay on them). Oh, and try to befriend the neighbors who seem to be home a lot -- sometimes you'll get lucky and they'll offer to watch him while you're away.
leslie - 2006-07-29 10:21:34
Maybe you already know about Kong dog toys ... but if not, they can be lifesavers for owners of bored or nervouse dogs. Kongs are sort of shaped like a pile of dog poop - (really, we call ours the "yard duty")and they are hollow inside. You can put a dollop of peanut butter inside and your pup will spend hours on end trying to get to it. The toys are indestructable, so let him chew away. You can buy them at just about any pet supply store. I highly recommend this toy - saves on the cost of new bras!

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