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I am Natalucci and I am neurotic.

I started this site as a much needed outlet for my expressive side. What do you do when your husband is tired of hearing your opinions? You publish them to the world, of course. And I have A LOT of opinions. My mom suggested this option and so if I say anything somewhat controversial and it causes a fuss, you can blame her- not only for this suggestion, but also for having me in the first place. She's fabulous and I love her.

I'm a twenty-something something year old with a husband and a puppy named Peter Pan. I live in New York City which is oh-so-fabulous in the ultra-glam borough of Brooklyn. Da Heights, represent!

My husband is a super fabulous fantastic stud who can grow facial hair like a grizzly bear and likes to watch King of the Hill.

I'm the oldest of 4, and in saying that I am confident that you all know EXACTLY who I am, for I am all those things an oldest child should be and more. I am controlling and obsessive, I make lists and I am very, very particular. I talk a lot and very quickly (enunciate, child!) But I'm also very sweet. No really!

Thanks for looking around, folks. Drop me a line if you please and let me know what you think of my site, the weather, or Albanian refugees- you know, whatever.

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